Yellow Yoga classes are offered in the greater Seattle area. One-time classes or ongoing classes can be scheduled at your child's school, boys and girls clubs, with their sports team, or other children's playgroup. Parent and Me classes are also offered for preschoolers. Parent and Child Athlete classes are also offered. Classes can be during the day, after school, in the evening, or on the weekend.

Private or semi-private yoga classes are also available. Mats are provided. Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling classes. 


We are currently running classes for 2019 at:

Mercer Island Boys and Girls Club: Kids Yoga sessions-Wednesdays from 3:00-4:00pm, located at: 4120 86th Ave SE, Mercer Island. To register go to:

Yoga for Kid Athletes 

Yellow Yoga focuses on getting all kids to practice and love yoga. For child athletes, adding yoga provides tremendous benefit to their physical training. Does you child play basketball, baseball, tennis, lacrosse, football or soccer? Do they do gymnastics, swim or run cross-country? For all of these athletic pursuits, yoga is an incredible addition to help build body and core strength. Breath work helps calm and center an athlete as well as increase lung capacity. Yoga postures help athletes with their range of motion. Yoga helps an athlete feel confident and proud. Yellow Yoga is non-competitive. This gives child athletes a much needed break from the competition they face both in school and in their sport. Yoga is a chance to get stronger and unwind!

If you are interested, Yellow Yoga can come work with your team or athlete, talk about the importance of taking good care of your body, and how yoga can not only make you stronger on the outside, but it can also make you stronger on the inside. Yellow Yoga will give athletes the tools to practice poses and stretches that help open their hips, strengthen their shoulders, glutes, core, hamstrings, quads, and helps to prevent injuries. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a workshop or series of classes.